After gaining a degree in Literature at the Milan State University in 1944 (thesis on Maurice Barrès), Lisa Morpurgo worked for the publisher Longanesi, translating from English and French, and later became the person in charge of foreign acquisitions.

The translation of a work by François-Régis Bastide on zodiacal features awakened her curiosity for astrology, up to that moment an alien subject in her cultural background. In her thorough study she was helped by notable "guinea pigs" (such as Eugenio Montale, Gabriel García-Márquez, Dino Buzzati, Guido Piovene, Mario Vargas Llosa, and some even encouraged her to publish her observations), and got to such a level of knowledge that urged her to unveil the reasons why the zodiacal mechanisms works.

From this starting point on, an impressive amount of findings took place: she could no longer accept the obsolete and fideistic dogmas of traditional astrology, so she set on the path for research of those astrological mechanisms – based both on observation and science – that underpinned each phenomenon.

By analysing what makes astrology work, Lisa Morpurgo managed to:

     identify X and Y, the two planets beyond Pluto

     decipher our Zodiac's complete structure

     deduce the planets' "by transparence" exaltations

     decode the zodiacal systems A and B, and their related four zodiacal sequences.

And all this was accompanied by genial observations and deductions.

Thus, the so-called "Morpurghian astrology" a.k.a. "dialectical astrology" was born, based on scientific and modern criteria, within a deep and complete system of analysis and interpretation of the zodiacal elements. By hooking the individual charts with the whole deciphering of the zodiacal structure, this system allowed for a more in-depth enrichment of symbols that, in turn, allowed for a never-before-reached level of analysis.

Lisa Morpurgo revolutionised astrology as it had been understood until then. She paved the way for new researches to be undertaken with a serious and rigorous method, and founded her own school with both classes she taught herself and with her books that soon became milestones for astrologers.

In essence, we can say that Lisa Morpurgo arrived at the complete deciphering of the Zodiac via logical, rigorous and geometrical principles, by identifying all its components and decoding what is hidden within its mechanisms: that Code interpreting a reality that – with zodiacal systems A and B, each with its own specific Zodiacs – completes the map of a true Cosmogony.

Studies and research

Unpublished material and course notes to decipher the Zodiac


Soncino (CR) May 19, 1923 - Milan March 9, 1998